Why are the Instagram story views dropping?

Noticed something fishy in Instagram stories? Have your views dropped drastically too? Well, you can stop worrying because it is not just happening to you. However, there is a large audience of Instagram users who are facing this.  Have you thought through that this might be a good thing for you? Who knows? Instagram keeps a ton of information private and we users try to come with different theories time to time. This time a few experiments were done, and results were obtained.

How many views dropped?

When we said drastically, we did mean drastically. Some experiments were done, and a lot of questions were asked relating to how much of the views dropped. The answers can be divided into three categories and they are as follow:

  • A large portion claimed the views of Instagram stories dropped up to 75%. Those who were getting 200 to 300 views per day now got only 50 to 70 views per day.
  • Some of them claimed, their views were the same as before and there was not any kind of change observed in their account.
  • Now the third type who claims that their views increased first and then dropped to a really low number.

Is Instagram’s newest algorithm the culprit behind it?

Till now, according to all our sources and research that is surely not the case. So, what else could it be? Let’s find out.

Why the Instagram story views dropped?

If you have a public account or an account with many followers, then you must have noticed that your stories are getting a lot of views. In addition to this, all of these views and likes are from the accounts you don’t follow. Many of them might be found located in Russia. Now back to sometime before, there used to be weird comments on your pictures or you may have come across accounts that follow and unfollow you, remember? Instagram now says these fake accounts have accessed Instagram stories too.

Now what happens is, people paid these fake accounts to have many stories viewed from their account So, they could increase their reach and interests according to the Instagram followers. Just like this, there are some people who buy Instagram story views.

Instagram has always been very conscious of their standards and authenticity. In order to stop all these happening especially from stories, It launched a crackdown against these bots/fake accounts. In addition to this, it has also cut down story views more than 50%.

Does it really matter?

Technically it only really matters for brands, influencers, content creators, or other businesses. It is a major blow for them, be it only for a short time. The reason it will not affect the mentioned type of accounts in the long term is that these fake bots/accounts don’t add any real-time value to your work. So, it is best to lose them and be honest with your business. It is even said that these fake accounts can disturb your original algorithm.

Now, if we are to be completely honest then some people’s self-esteem was gone really downhill too. 

Why fake story views?

It is mainly done for the same reason, the way it was for fake likes/comments. It is either to get your attention or increase the reach of their account. Though they feared Instagram will probably catch and crack them down. That is why they thought stories’ views are the more natural way and got into it.

How to increase the views back again?

Here we are talking about to increase your natural views or take them back to as they were before. 


The first thing you should do is research. Research all you can, about your audience, the content they like, trends these days, etc but most importantly the Instagram algorithm. 


Do the organizing part and you will see your growth eventually. Test different contents, designs and templates for your stories. Rank them from highest to lowest views and voila! You are onto the first step of your growth.


Hashtags play an important part in your reach too. Instagram has now this feature for quite some time now that let you follow hashtags. So, don’t waste this amazing thing and add hashtags but choose them wisely. See which ones getting the best reach in respect to your content and get your hands on it.

The above-mentioned strategies are great for a head start.


Don’t let these fake views distract you from your real work. Always do your research. Instagram takes care of its users. So, you don’t have to worry. Everything on it can be back on track in few days. Till then, enjoy Instagramming your best moments.